Alexander R. Villegas

My name is Alexander Ramiro Villegas and I'm a freelance multimedia journalist that specializes in the written word, photography and videography.


I've spent nearly a decade covering the poker scene and have traveled to the world's largest tournaments across multiple continents. I've photographed, written about and helped produce videos about the biggest stories in the poker industry.


I've also completed my Masters of Journalism at the University of British Columbia where I was a fellow at the International Reporting Center. I worked on a series on for The Guardian where I reported on the challenges of reintegrating guerrilla fighters in a Cali, Colombia, a city largely populated by people displaced by conflict.


I've also spent a lot of time on Costa Rica's pacific coast, where I investigated the effects overfishing and drug trafficking on small fishing towns


I'm fluent in Spanish, English and motorcycle adventures.

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